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We can help you make good use of your pupil premium

Reception to 11 years

We provide a wide range of activities supporting the national curriculum and have worked with local primary schools in natural sciences, conservation design and technology, life cycles and discovery.

Our activity days usually run from 10am - 2.30 pm. This can be tailored  to suit your school time table

Cost of a school visit is 130.00 for up to 30 children




Pre and Post lesson plans

 included in all school visits



We have 10 sessions available for 10 schools to make an educational  visit to Naturezones at the reduced cost of 50. (max 30 children per school) This is on a first come first served basis. The themes will be ponds and pond life, bogs, wetlands , wet meadows, Carr woodlands and flower and tree ID.

Visits must take place in 2017

Although we provide a structured visit to Naturezones our aim is to encourage the children to learn, explore and discover in their own ways. We have a wide range of activities to choose from. There are two main wildlife habitats - wildflower meadows and Carr woodland. You can choose to cover a range of activities from the habitats below or concentrate on one specific habitat. 

Discover the importance of wild flower meadows


Discover the mysteries of an ancient woodland


Discover what lives at Naturezones

Booking Forms, booking conditions and activity options
"Hi Angela, Having worked with you before on a major project and seeing the many, many benefits that brought to our children, we would be delighted to be involved in any project with you".

Head teacher, Weston Primary School

"We would be very pleased to return to Naturezones and have recommended it to other teaching colleagues as a place to visit with their children. Lots of parents have said that their children went home saying it was one of the best trips they have been on".

St Thomas Primary School

"The instructors were excellent, pitched just at the right level for my 4/5 year olds".

St Helen's Primary School

"IN SCHOOL"  programmes. We can devise a programme of activities that incorporate the creation of a wildlife garden and the understanding of wildlife habitats in your school grounds for primary Schools and High Schools. This will involve practical outdoor activities and in classroom activities - tailor made to your curriculum requirements

Extra School Curriculum for 6-11yrs

We can provide after school "wildlife-is-fun" workshops at Naturezones for up to 15 children accompanied by parents or teachers Workshops last 80 mins minutes we normally charge 70 for up to 15 students

 TEENZART - A Brush with Nature 2016 for 7 - 16yr olds

We can offer the opportunity to work with professional artist Angela Hewitt either at Naturezones or "in school" please

6 weeks "in school" 475.00 per class

Nature Detectives and KIDZART -  Nature Club for 6 - 11yrs Saturdays 5 donation

11am - 12 30pm

Be aware that we are an outdoor study centre - WRAP UP WARM or plenty of sun  cream

To Book: Tel: 01983 296110 or email: